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Beers                                                                      Spirits

Coopers Pale                                 Carlton Mid                                                       Jim Beam

Coopers Mild                                                                                                            Bundaberg Rum

Hahn Light                                                                                                                Jack Daniels

Superdry                                                                                                                  Johnny Walker

XXXX Gold                                                                                                              CC & Dry

WE Draught                                                                                                          

VB                                                                                                                             Strongbow Cider

Great Northern                                                                                                         Vodka premixes

Train Watching

If train watching is your hobby, then Kingoonya is the place for you. Between 70 and 80 trains pass by the hotel each week. This includes the iconic Ghan and Indian Pacific. The Train lengths of one hundred plus carriages are not uncommon.