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 The Kingoonya Kamp Oven Kook Off is on again!

 (June long weekend) 2020


More details to follow. We look forward to seeing you there. We will update the information closer to the date.

 Kook Off Rules

 There will only be 15 positions available for each category. Positions will be filled by first in first served. Teams or individuals can compete in one or both of the two specified categories: 

• Meat category can be beef, pork lamb or chicken. (also mince chops or sausages ) All meat, vegetables and a variety of herbs, spices etc. will be supplied by the Hotel. Choice of dish e.g. roast, curry, stew etc. is the decision of the competitor. No outside ingredients are allowed. 

Just a reminder people. No outside ingredients can be used,
The hotel will supply meat. (Beef,lamb,pork,chops,mince,chicken,bacon and sausages)
Pantry items supplied (Flours seasonings eggs some spices normal ones you would usually find in a tucker box when camping)
Vegetables (potato onion carrots peas or beans)

• Flour category is a damper/dessert event divided in to two criteria – plain or savory. Each competitor will be given an equal amount  supplied by the organisers. The finished presentation dish is the decision of the competitor.

 Competitors are required to prepare dishes in the two categories between 3 pm and 6 pm.  All hot coals and cooking sites will be provided and sites allocated to competitors by the organisers. Everything must be cooked in a BYO Camp Oven or Bedourie Kettles, above ground cooking devices will not be permitted.

 At a set time, competitors will be asked to present a plated dish to the judging area. Judging will be carried out by a mystery non - competing panel of judges.

 Criteria for judging will be at the discretion of the Judging Panel and no correspondence or bribes will be entered into.

 Prizes will be awarded in the two categories and if enough kids are around and enter there will be a kids section as well 

Kook Off Poster

Train Watching

If train watching is your hobby, then Kingoonya is the place for you. Between 70 and 80 trains pass by the hotel each week. This includes the iconic Ghan and Indian Pacific. The Train lengths of one hundred plus carriages are not uncommon.